VISIT US: 144 Chapel St, St Kilda VIC 3182
VISIT US: 144 Chapel St, St Kilda VIC 3182

About Us

Space2b Designers

‘Connections make us who we are and are why we exist’

Social Design

Space2b is a social design enterprise which supports newly arrived migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum to become financially independent. We enable our participants to thrive through:

  • connecting people;
  • assisting them in their creative enterprise; and
  • facilitating workplace training and business mentoring.

Our creative community workspace includes a retail outlet, gallery, design studio, workshop and small business hub in St. Kilda, Melbourne. We are proudly part of the City of Port Phillip.

Space2b is an innovative social enterprise where our multifaceted approach creates numerous opportunities for new migrants and refugees to work, train and participate. Participants can build on their existing abilities, increase their language skills and work with other designers to enhance their creative and economic independence.

Community Model

Our model is fully inclusive. Every aspect of our business provides an opportunity for the local community to connect with new migrants and refugees. This model is at the very core of the ethos of our founders, Mariam Issa, a Somali refugee, and Janine Lawrie, an established designer with an English language background.

“Being a part of Space2b has broadened my horizons in so many ways and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.  It also has given me the confidence to know that I CAN work and I CAN have some responsibility without spontaneously combusting.” Claire

Employment Pathway

We achieve our aims through three key employment pathway programs that we offer culturally diverse communities:

  • Space2Fly – Individually designed creative and business mentoring
  • Space2Work – Work experience in our retail outlet, gallery, events, workshops, and all other aspects of the social enterprise.
  • Space2Connect – Activities, workshops and events that connect culturally diverse communities with the wider public.

Employment is one of the highest priorities for refugees settling in Australia.

Current Activities

Visit the Space2b website to see our current community activities at